Sunday, March 23, 2014

About Me (As an Artist)

What makes me an artist?  I have no clue.  An example would be my thought process of exciting. I feel that all we are are little speckles of a larger entity and the characteristics that make us individual are the different situations our live produce.  Yeah, I really don’t know why art is Art but the more I explore, and get in to the subject, the more I learn about different perspectives.  This, in turns, makes me an artist and anyone else who is willing to do so.  As someone who is willing to learn and test themselves to see in different perspectivesbrings up a lot of challenges and tests, that further pushes ones art.

But enough of the deep stuff.  Ummm.  Art is fun and I like doing it a lot.  I enjoy cartooning and doodling.  I enjoy written art as well, like poetry and novel writing, especially  fiction writing.  I also indulge in a little performance art like Spoken Word and Storytelling.  I like cake too.  It takes guts to call yourself an artist, let’s hope I have them or as much as Art calls for.

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  1. zoe'e you can have your cake and eat it too ---- mmmm.... performance?