Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Slide Slide Slipper Slide 

This piece was with me and Rio.  We sat inside a circle made by the audience.  Their backs were turned towards us.  We started the game with four slides of the hand and every time we messed up we started over.

What I enjoyed about the piece was how Rio and I progressed throughout the duration of the piece.  I would mess up and we kept going but the more we preformed the further we would get—the more stable the rhythm would get.  The rhythm of the hand games was really interesting for me.  I feel like there was more texture in the beginning with due to the sprinkles of laughter.

A few things that could have change would be our volume (LOUDER).  Standing up and moving around the circle would have been pretty cool too.  Maybe, another way to enhance the project would be for multiple people to do different hand games.

Hmmm.  Instead of in a dim lit room, what if the room was completely dark(?).

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  1. I like how listening to your performance was like listening to a recording of it. Maybe you could have a microphone beneath your hands that feeds to a stereo system and have everyone sit with your backs to you while wearing headphones connected to the stereo. That would create an interesting tension between feeling like the even was recorded while being present for it.