Friday, March 21, 2014

Speak Poet

I did my first performance piece.  I was really nervous but as I kept focus I was able to implant myself in the setting and movement of my piece.  The piece consisted of me walking in to the setting removing my backpack and coat.  I sat on a stool that was in the back row and second form the left.  My actions were leaning forward, snapping, and a hand full of shouted phrases.  These phrases where “Speak poet” “Mmmm” “Come on” “Listen to the poem” “You got this” and finger snaps placed throughout the piece.  I ended with congratulating the poet with stating “Golden Unicorn for you”, standing, applauding for them, putting on my coat/back pack, and leaving the room.

I sat in the audience which injected my presence and immerse the audience.  I think this adds a nice touch of the “inyourfaceexperience” that I enjoy in art—whether it’s in a concept, an image, or the puncture of personal space that “inyourfaceexperience” really captivates the audience.

I wonder what it would be like if there was someone performing the piece in front of the audience while I was responding to them(?).


  1. this performance was phenomenal. interestingly enough though, i don't think it would have been so good if i did not know you to be a quiet person. the performance was surprising from the beginning as i didn't even know you began it let alone hearing you project your voice in the manner that you did. i was really blown away. well done zoey.

  2. I felt this piece was really strong. I loved hearing your voice at it's full capacity. The phrase I found most compelling was when you sad, "speak poet." I would love it if you explored more phrases in this vein, perhaps not what you would say at a poetry slam but embodies the same ideas as "speak poet." I did not feel you need someone in front of you, but maybe would have enjoyed some interaction with the audience. Nice work!

  3. I agree. VERY STRONG piece because of your voice and your intensity. No one in front of you is needed -- I like what Corissa says -- think about using ideas/words that YOU WOULD NOT use in a poetry slam. Keep using your voice and your rhythm.