Wednesday, April 9, 2014


This piece was a collaborative piece with Madi, Lucian, and I.  It was really fun to make and very experimental.  Randomness—is the vein that flows blood through this piece.  This piece consisted of us sitting in front of a cake and saying what ever came off the top of our domes (I do say it was so much FUN + we all were recorded).  A lot of what is in the video was chosen by “Chance Operation” (Thanks to Lucian).  So the final product was clips that were randomized and smoothed over with special effects.

A few take a ways from this piece is always being open to experimenting.  As well as not relying on perfection and quality.  A lot of art is based off of having as much resemblance to Life as possible.  Whether it is realism, abstraction, and/or conception art is not only defined by perfection but the imperfections that draws out the good in a piece.

So, Imperfections art the perfect perfections.

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