Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Dear Dad"

This piece was, and still is, very difficult for me to perform.  The piece had me sitting on the floor next to a black chair.  There was a spot light on the chair.  The audience sat in a half circle around me and the chair.

Through the piece I didn’t break focus with the chair.  During this performance it was hard to keep the momentum.  I didn’t practice what I said during the piece.  I think the piece went very well but there was more I could have added for emphasis and detail.  I guess an example of this would be me repeating more words and after saying goodbye to my father—an example would be me turning off the spot light after I was done.

This piece was really nerve racking for me.  I was in a panic and there was a rush of emotions I thought was buried.  One way to look at it is in the end we cry tears but tears don’t age.  I could feel myself quiver and slowly breaking due to my nervousness.

Over all I think this piece was successful.

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