Wednesday, April 9, 2014

s Dancing W/ s

So this was my final performance—and WOW was it final.  This piece was the piece that I had the most fun with.  I think it was because with piece was very surreal.  When I first performed this piece, in class, there was me sitting on a pedestal and there was a spotlight shining on me.  The audience sat in a crescent shape around me and I told a story.  It was a decent performance (Emphasis on decent).

There was more ways I could have improved the performance and I think I did during live night.  It was amazing.  The audience was so huge to me—as I progressed in my story the more the audience was in the palm of my hand.  I couldn't believe it.  And I am impressed by my voice and its effect on their attention (It was pure Amazement).

If there was something I took away from the Live Art night is having confidence in my peers as well as in myself.  Also displaying everyday actions as High Art.  I challenged this by sitting on a pedestal while I told my storysomething I do everyday.  Our night went smoother than butter on fresh baked bread and together we challenged the definition and stereotypes of (A)rt with a capital A.

Trust in our fellow Artist.


  1. Zoe'e -- use your poetry when telling those amazing stories of yours --- i love hearing descriptions such as "smooth as butter on fresh baked bread". Listen to yourself talking -- maybe record yourself and listen to all of the uniquely wonderful ways you have inside of yourself to tell a story. You said it - you had your audience in the palm of your hand! Keep going - keep working and pushing!

  2. I am seriously super jealous of you for your story telling nature. I can just sit there and listen to all you all day. What makes your story great is the dynamic in visuals and sounds that you create when telling it. I think the performance you did in class and what you did at the show were completely different because the show one seemed a lot more planned out, like putting up a show for the the audience when in class, it was simply you telling us a story as a piece of art on the pedestal. I like the closeness and rambling in your story better when it wasn't planned.

    You so cool, can i please be you!

  3. You look like such a natural story teller in those pictures. And you seriously are. I like the Laurie Anderson feel your performance had. I think if you ever do this again, though, that you should have podiums shaped like squares and triangles spaced around you and you'd walk in between them as you told your story. Maybe even make them hollow and get someone to program them so that someone offstage could press a button and make them collapse when you get to the really violent part of the story.

  4. Lucian. Brilliant! I agree with you --- this would add a strong but direct visual element - it would create an even more surreal space and story. The final performance was far stronger than the one in class because you were more committed to it and it went beyond simple storytelling to something bigger. I really think this is something you should continue to work towards Zoe'e. Find venues to do your work. Keep going.